Caliper Brakes

  • Types available
    Hand Operated Breaks
    Pneumatic Caliper Brakes - Air Applied
    Pneumatic Caliper Brakes - Spring Applied
    Duplex - Air Applied And Spring Applied
    Hydraulically Actuated Caliper Brakes - Oil Applied
    Hydraulically Released Caliper Brakes - Spring Applied
  • Material Asbestos free
  • Strength

    Ease of use and high performance

Main features

OMPI Caliper Brakes are designed and realized to operate according to the work conditions and the technical features which are mentioned in this catalogue. They cover a wide range of applications in order to satisfy all the customers’ needs. We advise you to choose the type of product that better suits your needs and also to refer to the parameters of the respective and specific technics.
▪️100% design in Italy
▪️Tested before delivery
▪️Customizable on request
▪️Always on stock!