HT series

Combined Clutch/Brake unit with pneumatic control

  • Clutch Torque (Nm) 90,000
  • Brake Torque (Nm) 70,000
  • Rotation (rpm) 1,800
  • Bore diameter (mm) 55-240
  • Locking device


  • Strength

    Low inertia

Main features

This series is a combined Clutch/Brake unit with pneumatic control and dry friction material. It’s generally used to engage and brake any industrial machine (eccentric presses, knuckle joint presses, metal stamping, edge banders, punching presses, deep drawing press machines, mechanical shears, hot forging, etc…). It represents the first evolution of the KB series. With the same dimensions, reduced inertia was obtained with greater torques, both for the brake and the clutch. It is available in a mixed construction of spheroidal graphite iron and aluminium alloy, strong and light at the same time.
The clamping to the shaft is carried out with keyways or with clamping device on the Clutch side and on the Brake side.

▪️100% design in Italy
▪️Tested before delivery
▪️Customizable on request
▪️Always on stock!

Mounting examples

  • HT-BBL

  • HT-BBT

  • HT-CS

  • HT-CC

Internal clamping device type connection

External Shrink-Disk type connection Brake