IH Series

Multidirectional rotary union
From 2 to 20 directions

Rotation (rpm)


Max temperature (°C)


Max pressure (bar)


IH Series catalogue

The IH series are multi ways rotary unions. They are designed to meet customers needs in different fields as steel, food, packaging and glass industries. In order to project this kind of rotary unions, we need to know the following parameters: number of ways, size of the ways, rotary speed, pressure, temperature and fluid of passage. The picture on the right shows a 20 ways rotary union produced for ArcelorMittal in Ukraina.We are already supplier in OEM and steel plants worldwide.
▪️100% design in Italy
▪️Customizable on request
▪️Materials as needed
▪️Available threads for different standards
▪️Always on stock!

IH Series - Rotary union from 2 to 20 directions