SB-N series

Emergency Brake with pneumatic control

  • Clutch Torque (Nm) 1.140.000
  • Brake Torque (Nm) 850.000
  • Rotation (rpm) 2.800
  • Bore diameter (mm) 24-700
  • Locking device


  • Strength

    Suitable for any type of machine

Main features

SB-N is the evolution of our historic SB and SK series. Manufactured with top quality material, in ductile iron and aluminium. It has been designed to eliminate teeth and direct contact between the various components. It also ensures a long life and easy maintenance.
A series designed to ensure perfect adjustment of the clearance between the discs and self-ventilation, ideal for servo presses.
The clamping to the shaft is carried out with keyways or with clamping device on the Brake side.

▪️100% design in Italy
▪️Tested before delivery
▪️Customizable on request
▪️Always on stock!