SC Series

Rotary union with radial gap seals

Rotation (rpm)


Max temperature (°C)



Low mechanical wear

Main features

The SC series consists of wear-free hydrostatically regulated radial gap seal systems with self-centring sealing bushings. The sealing principle enables reliable operation under very high pressures and at high speeds. The critical load areas in the primary and secondary sealing sections are provided with resistant coatings and finished with the best possible surface quality in order to achieve the greatest possible level of reliability. The low level of leakage inherent in the system can be calculated in advance. Mechanical corrosion is prevented by the sealing bushing concept.
The SC series is multi ways rotary unions. They are designed to meet customers.

▪️100% design in Italy
▪️Customizable on request
▪️Wear-free ceramic coating
▪️Always on stock!

SC series